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Ben Smith

Gingenious is a specialist video production company founded to create, produce and deliver video that looks and performs like commercial advertising, on video content budgets.


Today, the video content world is littered with work that lacks just that; content  – perhaps the very core of commercial advertising itself.  We get it, making work that looks nice is cool (check out our instagram), but we know that what really brings our clients closer to their audience, drives their digital viewership, and gets them results, is the foundation of critical commercial thinking behind that work.


Our sole purpose is to create video, the most powerful marketing tool on the planet, to get you the commercial results you are looking for. You’re here to make a pretty penny, not just pretty pictures, and we dig that.


So, how do we do it? Well, as a team, we live by three simple rules:


Be smart, be kind, and communicate. 


These rules form the foundation of how we approach every project. Our goal is to supply our clients with the best, smartest thinking we can across creative and production, to be kind to the people we produce it for and with, and to strive everyday to develop how we communicate better with those people, so integral to the success of our company.


It’s these rules that have enabled us to build and develop strong working relationships with some of the UK’s biggest brands, and we celebrate those everyday. As for the result of those relationships, well, we think those speak for themselves.


Thank you so much for stopping by – we hope to hear from you soon.

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Our Team

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Creative Director
  • Jocelyn Guy
    Jocelyn Guy Account Director
  • John Shand
    John Shand Director/Camera Operator
  • Luke Prosser
    Luke Prosser Post Production Manager
  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Assistant Editor
  • Fenna Kooijmans
    Fenna Kooijmans Head of Production

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a message and we’ll get back to you, asap.